Baptismal Identity

It’s an exciting time at Hillside Baptist Church right now. This year (2018) we’ve been introducing and planting seeds and cultivating three areas of our culture in which we believe God wants us to focus and grow. Firstly, we’re working toward deepening and fostering a culture of prayer. We want to be a church that […]

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The Sex Talk

So there I was in our kitchen having just gotten home from work after a day riddled with email and issues to fix, when my loving wife communicated to me that our oldest son, whose 9, was starring at the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. They’d stopped at a gas station to […]

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Delivered from Distress

Psalm 107 “Oh give thanks to the LORD for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!” You’re servant says in the 107th Psalm. Father, you are good indeed. Despite your unfathomed holiness and rightness, your love for me is steadfast and continuing day by day. I will never understand it, no one will. […]

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Happy Birthday, Lovely

Today (actually this week) is a celebration week at our house. Today is my wife’s !# birthday! It seems like not long ago that I met Donna at Applebee’s in Bismarck as she was in the depths of a crush on another fella and out of her mind running around the restaurant with a companion […]

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God is Glorious so…

Finally, we get back to it. We’ve had a few weeks off as we’ve set aside time with family for Christmas and for the New Years Party last weekend. It’s amazing how only a couple of weeks can feel like months. The lat time we met we learned about and discussed how God is great […]

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The Advent Love

John 3:16  16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. Many people who do not believe in the Gospel of Jesus will recognize this verse. John, chapter 3, verse 16 is forever engrained into our midwest American and Bible […]

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God is Great so…

Here’s the disclaimer for this post. This post will serve as an introduction to the next four weeks as well as explain and walk through our topic for this week. So it is a bit longer due to adding in an introduction. The next three in this series will be a bit shorter. Last week […]

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